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A Modern Traveller’s Portable Best Friend

Your personal internet connection anywhere in Europe. No LIMITS!

  • Effortless Traveling: Visit the farthest places in the world without worrying about an internet hotspot being nearby! Designed to remove all restrictions/chains/wires from a travelling soul.
  • Lightning-speed Connection: 4G,150 Mbs Technology enables you to forget about excruciatingly-slow internet speeds in remote places.. Make sure your message gets delivered at lightning speeds!
  • Money-Saving: 90% cheaper per MB/s than standard roaming tariffs. Forget about cosmic roaming bills!


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Forget Expensive Mobile Data Bills and Sluggish Internet Speeds: Meet the New, Innovative Way to Connect while travelling!

  • 4G Cellular Network Technology, 150 Mb/s Network Connection Speed

    Ryoko is your own portable network buddy who gives you a reliable internet signal everywhere you go! This innovative state-of-the art gadget was carefully designed as the OPTIMAL NETWORK SOLUTION by the top specialists in Europe. It has never been this easy to stay connected!

  • Wireless = Worry-less

    Forget about planning your trips around a stable network connection - this tiny yet powerful device fits in your pocket anywhere you go. Whether it’d be mountains, the sea, or the forest, you can be absolutely sure your work efficiency is not going to be halted by an unreliable internet signal. Expand your travelling possibilities INSTANTLY by throwing out the wires restraining your workflow!

  • Take Control Of Your Safety

    Using unfamiliar public WI-FI is always fishy: What if my data is being collected? What if my information is leaking out into the public domain for anyone to abuse? There is nothing worse than making a FOOL of yourself by losing 10 000 $ to an online security breach or a Malicious Hacker Attack. Ryoko will put all those fears to rest: By having a personal connection anywhere you go, you’ll never be at risk of leaking your personal data or losing anything of value!

  • From Baby to Husband

    98 % of Families have more than one internet-dependant device per person. The device’s intricate engineering allows for a simultaneous connection of UP TO 10 devices! Ryoko helps your whole family stay browsing at the same time, without halting each other’s personal network speed. Stay connected no matter how big of a family you’re travelling with!

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Fast, Easy, Reliable: Groundbreaking Network Innovations

Why should you choose Ryoko while travelling?

Hotspot or Mobile Data
Revolutionary Ryoko Product

Using roaming abroad hurts the wallet by incomprehensible amounts. Hotspot drains 2x as much!


Ryoko is pre-paid and free of roaming charges! It works World-wide and has no additional costs per country. No more crazy thousand dollar roaming bills!


Using a Mobile Data Hotspot really hits your devices battery drain % rate. It’s hard to keep all your devices connected and the smartphone charged at the same time.

Tireless Stamina

Let Ryoko do all of the work for you! The battery lasts 8 hours without recharging, keeping you online the whole day on the road. You don’t have to sacrifice your time to stay connected!

Slow & Unstable

The worst possible thing about public Wi-Fi is the fact that it’s mostly never quick enough to deliver your message on time. You can never trust a hotspot to be stable enough to reliably fulfil your job while out of the office.

Swift & Reliable

Ryoko uses 4G networks and therefore always assures the best possible internet speed wherever you may be! It provides you peace of mind about your project being delivered when you need it to, with absolutely no delays.


When connecting to public Wi-Fi you are always at risk of a possible security breach or a personal info leaking. Hackers absolutely love collecting information from unaware travellers.

Safe & Secure

Think of Ryoko as your personal little castle with the gates you are the gatekeeper of. No-one will be able to access your hotspot without your permission. No more worries about getting your data stolen!


It’s a bummer to need to keep track of a possible connection spot while staying on the road. You are in constant restriction about which particular roads and overnight camp places you can choose, because of their accessibility to the internet.

Mobile & light

Ryoko completely frees you from having to restrict your travel plans in any way. Why even bother with fixated data spots, when you can rely on Ryoko to keep you connected as far off as the mountains?

Ryoko: 4 Places to Travel With It

At the ocean:

Wanna go on a surf-trip on a faraway island next to the ocean, but it’s so remote, that you’re not even sure you’ll find a reliable internet connection there? Ryoko lets you forget such worries. Surf away in privacy.

In the mountains:

Usually the signal is even better while being higher up from the ground than usual. But you’re wondering.. Can I really get a proper signal here, where the air is so chilly the snow isn’t even melting? Sure you can. ;)

In the forest:

Sometimes a little off time in nature is the only thing your heart needs. But sometimes it’s simply not possible to leave your job waiting to take that breather. With Ryoko, take your work to the forest. No problem.

In water:

Really? You can’t even stay off the internet while paddling through the canal in your canoe? Well, I don’t blame ya. Sometimes a good track is all you need. And you can do it with this product.Ryoko really does have no limits, does it?

Countries supported

AI Anguilla
AG Antigua And Barbuda
AR Argentina
AM Armenia
AW Aruba
AU Australia
AT Austria
AZ Azerbaijan
BS Bahamas
BH Bahrain
BB Barbados
BO Bolivia
BZ Belize
BM Bermuda
BO Bolivia
BA Bosnia And Herzegovina
BR Brazil
VG Virgin Islands, British
BG Bulgaria
KH Cambodia
CA Canada
CV Cape Verde
KY Cayman Islands
CL Chile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it hard to set up?

A: No, actually! It’s as simple turning it on, setting up your password and connecting your device to the router.

Q: Does it support any carriers sim card?

A: Yes, it supports all European telecom provider sim cards.

Q: Does it come with any kind of warranty?

A: Yes! We provide a 2-Year Guarantee and will be more than happy to replace any defective item free of charge within 2 years from the delivery date of your order. And have a lovely support team!

Q: How much for the shipping?

A: The delivery is completely free. We usually take less than 1 week to ship to EU in usual circumstances, But even in quarantine situations we guarantee, that your product will be individually looked over and delivered.

Customer Reviews

User's profile picture
Kriz Namilos
Facebook logo
5 stars review

it it very useful where i can carry it wherever i go..and it is highly recommended and i love their customer service they are very responsive..

User's uploaded images
User's profile picture
Rahel Zeleke
Facebook logo
5 stars review

Ryoko is the best wifi router that works at any place and time. The price is really fair anyone can buy it. It is a quality product, and I highly recommend it.

User's profile picture
Lexie Marie De Guzman
Facebook logo
5 stars review

This is an amazing product you could use and very portable. It’s signal was good, you can connect easily with fast internet connection. Perfect for travelling in different places. You must check this one.

User's uploaded images
User's profile picture
Boki Djordjevic
Facebook logo
5 stars review

Really quality products. Quick and reliable, easy to connect, user friendly. Very strong signal, perfect for travelers. Super fast charging. Great value for money!

User's uploaded images
User's profile picture
George Hotz
Facebook logo
5 stars review

This is the best 4G wireless router I have ever used! It is very secure, easy to use, the battery life is very very long! The thing I love the most is that you can connect multiple devices to the router! I am recommending it to everyone I know! 10/10

User's uploaded images
User's profile picture
Jonalyn Cagas
Facebook logo
5 stars review

Great product very useful its smart and simple plus super fast internet connections unlike any others, highly recommended.

User's uploaded images
User's profile picture
Fatima El
Facebook logo
5 stars review

Excellent and great wireless router, with characteristics that I like a lot, it is easy to install, comfortable to carry, I can have fast internet, it has a battery that lasts a long time, I will recommend this product with my friends.

User's profile picture
David Delgado
Facebook logo
5 stars review

Very good products, easy to handle, I recommend it, it is of very good quality! Also, its price and shipping are excellent

User's profile picture
Isabel Sanz
Facebook logo
5 stars review

Ryoko WiFi router is an excellent product. I am really satisfied with its service. The equipment works perfectly, I have an Internet port and it is fast accessible everywhere, ideal for my trips.

User's profile picture
Diana Rosie Megan
Facebook logo
5 stars review

The product was good and you can just bring/put it on your pocket. Connection is fast and secure. You can use it all day with its long lasting battery. Great job, you must try it.

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