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Save Big on Extra Data for Your Ryoko!

Your Ryoko comes with 500 MB free data from Viaota. But why stop there? Grab this special offer now to stay connected, without the concern of data running low!

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Travel Worry-Free with More Data

Viaota's data plans make travel simpler. You get plenty of data to stay connected, reducing the need to constantly check your usage or find top-up data options.

Stream and Download with Ease

More data allows for higher quality streaming and downloading, perfect for entertainment during long travels or in areas with limited activities.

Freedom From Hidden Fees and Contracts

Enjoy the liberty of no contracts or roaming fees with Viaota! Cost-effective internet wherever you are.

Remote Areas? No problem!

If you’re heading to off-the-beaten-path destinations, finding reliable internet can be challenging. Extra data can keep you safe when you need it the most.

10 GB
5 GB
3 GB


More than 30.000+ satisfied customers in United States

Customer Reviews

Columbus, OH

After travelling to South America I stupidly used my normal cell phone plan and ended up being charged hundreds of dollars in roaming fees. Now I use Viaota and it’s so much better!

Robert M.

Verified Customer
Virginia Beach, VA

I travel to remote areas for work, Europe as well, so it’s really important that I have a back-up internet connection that works. Viaota is super reliable and worked well everywhere I’ve needed it. It’s also fast which is a bonus.

Luna S.

Verified Customer
Seattle, WA

When I went backpacking across the US in a caravan I wanted to make sure that I could browse the internet while I was going in between places. The Viaota plans worked everywhere and I found to be really affordable.

Daniel F.

Verified Customer
Don’t miss out on this special price

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